Music Production Tuition

Want to start making music or improve?

we can help get things moving!

Music production can be one of those things that seems like a minefield. With so many Youtube tutorials and information out there, it is so easy to get swamped and lots of people give up before they even start. It doesn't have to be like this, and we work with so many people who have wanted to try, or have given up to fire things up and get what they want (sounds rubbish)
Scroll down for more information on what we do, our tutor Chris and hear what past students say!


Whether you're a DJ and don't know where to begin, or just love music and have always wanted to see what it's all about, we love working and inspiring people in their first steps...


Stuck with making loops and can't finish tracks? Want to learn some secret tips and tricks that will take your music to the next level? Send us a message as that's what we do best!

DJ Edits

Want to make a DJ edit or mash up and don't know where to start?
Have a sample you want to use or just want to have a go, get in touch and let's get it made!

Our approach.

Sessions are very relaxed and upbeat, using simple and effective techniques to build and finish tracks, with a good grounding in how it all works without the ninsense! As everyone is different, nothing is set in stone, and whatever your genre, level of knowledge or experience, I guarantee results (sounds dodgy)

Had lessons before and haven't got anywhere with it, or feeling deflated? Drop us a line, as we'll get it right!

Our production equipment.

System: Apple Mac M1 DAWs: Logic Pro, Ableton, Fruity Loops & more

Omnisphere, Serum, Native Instruments, Waves, Sound Toys iZotope etc

Bring your laptop or projects to us and we can work on them!

Extra information.

1-2-1 or group sessions up to 4 people
All genres of music/styles
DBs enhanced certified

Perfect as a Gift / TeamBuilding / Hen / Stag parties
Studio also available to practice & record DJ mixes
public liability insureance for up to £5m

About Chris.

Hi! I’m a full-time DJ & producer, and for the past 20 years been lucky enough to travel all over the world to perform at places like Fabric, Berghain, Tresor, Sonar, Womb (Tokyo), Glastonbury and hundreds more clubs and festivals. I currently run 3 vinyl record labels and my music is regularly featured in the sets of your favourite DJs everywhere on the dance floor and on Radio 1, Essential Mixes etc.

I was head tutor at the Ministry of Sound Academy (London & worldwide), and have presented DJing and taught on TV including “The Gadget Show” and lots more.
I’ve taught and helped literally hundreds of people to learn to DJ, get their start in music and tighten up their existing skills, and I love doing it!


what people say about us!

Sam Music Production Student

I was 17 when I started having music production lessons with Chris. I had been DJing for a couple of years always (drum & bass) and had no idea where to start with the production side. He showed me how to use what I had from DJing to get tracks started, finished and improved plus inspired me to go to Bristol University do do a degree in Music Production. I'm now in my 3rd year and am starting working at Sony Music on completeion. I still can't believe it!

Kelly K DJ Student

I have always loved music and wanted to DJ since forever. I got a Traktor controller for my birthday but didn't have a clue what to do. I booked a session with Chris and by the end of it I had totaly grapsed what it was all about. He gave me a proper gounding in how thr music is structured and we did some fun exersises to train my ears and made it super fun! I had 3 more sessions after that, and he even showed my where to get music from and how to be choosy with it all. I DJ at my friends birthdays and still absolutely love it. Thanks so much Chris x

Mark S DJ Student

I bought decks in the 90s and collected had a load of records but never got round to using them and they were gathering dust. Long story short, after several lessons elsewhere I was about to give up and found Chris who is an absolute legend! He not only taiught me to DJ properly, but sparked my passion for it all and i've turned the spare bedroom into a bit of a rave cave in our new house and spend more time in there than I should do. I cant recommend Chris enough, he's a rare gem!

Anonymous Production Work

I'm a fairly well known full-time DJ and run a record label and have been coming to Chris for a long time to work with him after my friend who did the same hooked us up. I just don't have the patience or time to learn the ins and outs of production, but making music is imprtant for my work, so I come to him with a rough idea or a few samples and we hammer it out together. He isn't the most scientific producer you'll meet (he will tell you that), but has a very rare ability to know what works on the floor and how to make it different. I ave even got him to tidy up music I am putting out on my label. Always a winner!